PAK301 Past Paper Mega Paper

PAK 301 Pakistan Study
Course Synopsis
The main objective of this course is to equip the students with the complete knowledge about the history of Pakistan. The students will learn about political, social, educational and economic problems and constitutional history of Pakistan in this course. How the constitution of Pakistan was framed and what kind of constitutional issues were faced at the initial stages. The course emphasizes on the political developments, constitutional history of Pakistan since 1857-1947 and the political developments till Musharraf era.
There are following topic covered in this subject
Ideology of Pakistan,

  Ideology of Pakistan in the Light of Statements of QUAID-I-AZAM and ALLAMA IQBAL, The Aligarh Movement, Sir Side Ahmad Khan and His Contributions, MAJOR POLITICAL DEVELOPMENTS 1857-1918,The Khilafat Movement, Muslim Politics in British India: 1924-1935, ALLAMA IQBAL’s Presidential Address December 1930, Muslim Politics and Chaudhry Rahmat Ali, The Congress Ministries– Policies towards Muslims, The Lahore Resolution, 1940, Major Political Developments in 1945-46, Towards Independence, 1947, Constitutional Development in British India, The Problems of the New State, The Objectives Resolution (1949), Constitutional Issues, Constitution Making (1947-56), Constitution Making (1947-56), The 1962 Constitution, The 1973 Constitution, Political History (1972-71), Political History (1972-2003), Geography, Land, Boundaries and Neighborhoods, Natural Resources, Agriculture, Industrial Development, Education in Pakistan, Foreign Policy of Pakistan, Pakistan and the Muslim World. 
there are some link to get  previous paper of this subject

  • pak301 Solved MCQs By vugujranwala Arslan Ahmed.pdf











  • PAK301 midterm latest paper.pdf

  • PAK301 Midterm Papers File.rar

  • PAK-301 Mega File For Final Term (Coke_And_Lays).rar

  • 1_PAK301.Assignment.docx

  • PAK301.Assignment.docx

  • PAK301.docx


  • HandoutsforPak301.pdf

  • PAK301-PakistanStudiesMidtermSubjectiveSolvedpapersDEC2012.pdf

  • PAK301-PakistanStudiesFinaltermsolvedSubjectivePaper04-03-2013.pdf




  • PAK301_final_SPRING2006.rar


  • PAK301_MID_SPRING2006.rar

  • PAK301_MID_SPRING2005_S3.rar

  • PAK301_MID_SPRING2005.rar

  • PAK301_MID_SPRING2004.rar

  • PAK301_MID_FALL2007_S4.rar

  • PAK301_MID_FALL2005_S3.rar

  • PAK301_FINAL_SPRING2005_S3.rar

  • PAK301_FINAL_FALL2006.rar

  • PAK301_FINAL_FALL2005_S3.rar

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