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How to repair bad hard disk ultimate guide. Computer


Hard disk repair ultimate guide

Hard disk failure is inevitable. When it happens, the first question that comes into your mind: “Is it repairable?” How about your important files stored in that hard drive? Are those recoverable?

This guide will help you answer those questions, recover your important data from that bad hard drive and eventually repair your hard disk, if possible.

If possible? Why?

Some say, everything is possible under the sun, but in reality, not all things are possible. Same true to hard disk repair. The “hard disk repair guide” below is tried and tested with success in the following hard disk status:
Unbootable Hard drive

  • Dead Hard disk
  • Crashed hard disk
  • Damaged hard drive
  • Undetectable hard disk via Windows
  • Undetectable hard disk via Disk Management
  • Hard disk cannot be detected in BIOS.

However, in some cases, especially on hard disk that having mechanical issues (hard drive not spinning anymore or there is a hard drive clicking sound, click here for more hard disk sounds by data cent), the below methods yield a lesser success. So, does it mean that you shouldn’t try to repair your hard disk? Of course not, trying won’t hurt and the possibility of fixing your hard disk still high. Let’s start.

Do you see a pop-up message, “Windows detected a hard disk problem?” follow my suggestions here, “Windows detected a hard disk problem – solved“. If nothing happens, maybe the solution doesn’t apply to your situation. Let’s jump to next step. To proceed, I need you to familiarize the hard disk repair tools below.


  • Parted Magic – hard disk management solution.
  • How it works?
  • Create live CD.
  • Create live USB.

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